Energy Theater takes discoveries of mind/body and puts them on stage, along with humorous skits that show a new way of looking at things and presentations of higher awareness of energy and human behavior.

Our last show presented ways to Google your subconscious and how your subconscious Googles you.

Energy Theater was founded by Walter Ness. Walter is a Certified Laughter Yoga instructor. Laughter Clubs (also knows as Laughter Yoga) is an international program founded by Dr. Madan Kataria of India. The goal of laughter clubs is to help people uplift their spirits, improve their health, and have fun socializing, by laughing together.

Walter also runs the Neuroplasticity Club where methods of activating neuropathways consciously allow people to experience hidden abilities.

Walter's Energy Techniques are a practical application of "New Thought." They show you how you can conscioulsy activate neuropathwasy inside your brain, to give you increased mental abilities and increased emotiona and spiritual awareness.

Putting these methods together through enjoyable Performance Art creates Energy Theater.

The first Energy Theater occured when Walter Ness and Linda Clave were to do a workshop at Newburyport Yoga and Health Center.

Walter said, "The place was so big and there were around 30 people there. Instead of just doing a presentation Linda and I turned the event into a performance art. The performance was so wild that it stood in my mind of what was possible with audience participation."

Here is a Recommendation for Energy Theater
that was given after the event.

I want to thank you and Linda so much for a wonderfully entertaining evening of "Conversations With Energy" at the Newburyport Center for Yoga and Health. The presentation was informative, exciting and fun. So many of us who thought we knew about energy were astounded to find that we had barely scratched the surface of what is possible. Both you and Linda were so open, knowledgeable and great fun to be around. Again, many thanks for a memorable evening. I hope that we can do something together in the future.

Barbara, Newburyport Yoga and Health Center