Energy Theater "Love in Bloom": (ET4)

The sound of the singing bowls welcomes the audience to participate in theshow.


Cast of Energy Theater introduce themselves and show off how they like to laugh letting the audience know that the theme of the show is laughter.
Three skits welcome audience to Energy Theater. Performers do a twist on Frog being turned into a prince. As part of Super Creativity Duane gets audience to see themselves differently. Cecilia Bennett shows how easy it is to become and feel "Blooming Good."
Audience favorite, as Walter Ness does the voice style of Steve Martin he leads the audience to let go by saying, "I want to be wild and crazy, one more time.
Walter Ness gives examples how a person can consciously work with their natural intelligence.
Jon Hindmarsh plays the forgetful husband, Linda Ocasio the wife is willing to fall for his excuses and Linda Clave the friend is astounded by her friend's willingness to fall for the story the husband presents.
Carl Schroeder who started the Mystical Art and Talent Show added his spiritual skills to Energy Theater Love in Bloom by playing one of his original songs.
Conscious interaction with the brain is introduced as a natural interactive ability which we can all develop. Walter Ness shows the audience how to go travel to the center of your brain to increase visual acuity.
Linda Ocasio and Jeremy Zucker perform an amazing sirque de soleid style performance all done in silent movie style. Very romantic, and very funny. The audience loved it.
Barbara Brandt explains about Neuroplasticity and wiring your brain for Love. Walter Ness explains how to experience a Holographic Image in your brain. Instead of just seeing an image of a room you can walk in the room and explore what you see, this is a holographic experience.
Jon Hindmarsh shows how effortless movement can be if we work cooperate with the natural abilities of the body.
Sarah Takagi showcases the power of transformation, becoming different people because of early influences than making a choice to find ones own personality.
Tom Glannon's amazing talent to read other people's poetry was discovered at New Beat Poets open mic. His style has been a favorite with the audience. Here he reads relationship poetry.
Shakespeare's saying is challenged when a husband is asked to call his wife "Bee Regurgitation" instead of calling her "Honey."
The Wizard of Sounds, Duane Reed introduces audience to "Tuning Out Forks" in Sounds of Relationships.
Bunny Hop with audience participation at Energy Theater Love in Bloom. Lots of fun for everyone.Wizard of Sounds.
Stephanie Woods plays singing bowls to calm and enhance the experience of the Energy Theater Performance. After laughing for over an hour people need a calming influence.
Amazing Tonal Singing by Sharon Linnea Smith. Sharon is also famous for being a horse whisperer. She tone sings for horses and other animals.

The artwork of Linda Clave
is always shown during the Energy Theater performance. Linda has contributed greatly to the energy understanding showcased in Energy Theater.