Kathryn Deputat
Energy Dance

KATHRYN DEPUTAT's work as an Energyworker, Clarityworker, Writer/Coach, and photographer spans three decades. She draws on highly attuned listening and intuitive skills to facilitate clear, authentic body/mind expression in the Boston area and around the globe. Author of Love's Way: Reflections and Practices, and Clarity Now: Simple Steps to Your Perfectly Clear Answer, Kathryn is founder of Boston Reiki Healing, Claritywork, and Love's Freeway.

She is author of:
"Love’s Way: Reflections and Practices"
This book is available direct from the author, or at: http://lovesfreeway.com/giftshop/

"Clarity Now: Simple Steps to Your Perfectly Clear Answer" (forthcoming )

My life and work is dedicated to Love
(i.e., the Life Force Itself)
having Its way:
with me, with you,
with everything.

A magna cum laude graduate of Wellesley College and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Kathryn is founder of Claritywork, Boston Reiki Healing, and Love’s Freeway.



www.lovesfreeway.com (photography)

Rooted in the Natalie Goldberg writing method, her work is strongly intuitively guided and combines her interest and training in psychology, Zen Buddhism, metaphysics, neuroplasticity, improv (vocal, dance, writing) and Reiki.

Love knows Its way with us, and It will always return us
to our native state of balance if we so allow.
It is my privilege as a Reiki practitioner
to assist this stunning, intelligent
and natural process.

Kathryn’s articles have appeared in various publications, including Spirit of Change and Natural Awakenings magazines, and she publishes regularly on LovesFreeway.com.

It doesn't matter what you do or write or be;
if you have penetrated it deeply,
you will have created a masterpiec