How to Create a Resume,
Using the Environment
of your choice.

When I read Harry Belafonte's Biography I was inspired by the idea of how our environment can forge the creative outfit made of energy vibes that we wind up wearing, or be bare without it.

Theater is an environment that can be a stepping stone to a new life resume. This poem says it all.

Harry Belafonte took some time
to build a resume,
I’m not talking about putting words on paper,
I’m referring to the resume
that is inside your skins and bones.

When he was at an age
where life should deliver on its promise,
the only job he could get
was as a janitor’s assistant.
His hunger for creative stimulation,
made him seek and find
a theater group doing plays,
he volunteered to do anything,
any chore,
just to be in an environment
where there was
a different way of thinking,
creative expression of ideas and feelings.
When he was needed on stage
it was to fill in as a prop,
later on,
he was given small acting roles.
He also hung around a jazz club
to experience the unique sounds,
and views of the musicians,
who got curious about him.
When he told them he was an actor
their curiosity included showing up,
to see him on stage, when they did,
his role was that of an actor
playing the part of a singer.
They were so impressed with his voice
that they encouraged him to sing for a living.
He decided to give it a try,
That decision led to world wide fame.
He said it was not his voice
that made him great,
it was the ability to project himself
on stage while he was singing
that electrified his audience.

Finding those places,
that suit your temperament,
the style and vibration,
of your life,
absorb that environment
into your skin and bones,
that’s the resume I’m talking about.

Poem by Walter Ness,