Cecilia Bennett
Hands-on Laughter

Cecilia Bennett: As part of my midlife effort to overcome potentially terminal seriousness after pursuing a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a masters degree in nutrition and working in public health and medical research for years before recreating myself as a reflexologist and holistic skin care practitioner, I realized I had spent way too many years trying to prove to how intelligent I am, (my dad used to give me IQ tests and said my IQ was around 130 - what that means in real life practical terms I am still trying to figure out.)

I joined the Arlington Laughter Club shortly after its inception and greatly enjoyed the experience of laughing at absolutely nothing of any real significance over a period of about seven years.

Next I explored some new avenues of expression - I participated in a Tahitian Dance Troupe performance in Hawaii in 2006 then in Boston in 2006 and again in 2007 attempting to bring the ALOHA spirit to New England. Tough job but I haven't given up yet... Making up a silly poem, spontaneously setting it to instrumental music my nephew had on hand and singing it at my brother in law's way too serious for me 60th birthday party was my second type of leap into anti-seriousness.

My parents bragged to my husband when we were dating that I had perfect pitch - kind of in a desperate attempt to find something significant to say about me in lieu of offering a dowry but I have never really explored the utility of perfect pitch so am open to singing more silly songs when opportunities arise.

Generally, my resistance to making a fool of myself has steadily lessened in the past few years. When I go to parties I am ready to dance right away and am frustrated that others need a few drinks beforehand.

Do I belong in another part of the world? Probably. But in the meantime, I am working my hardest to have a seriously goofy time now and again here in New England.