Energy Theater "Googling Your Subconscious (ET3)

The character "Maybe" is introduced as a new paradigm welcoming the audience to new, less rigid possibilities.

The poem starts with, "What appears to be the truth always looks great from a distance."


Using the Voice style of Steve Martin
the Laughter Guy uses the story of, "I want to wild and crazy one more time" to bring out the emotions of freedom to the members of the audience.

Googling Your Subconscious
finally brings out a new form of awareness and mindfulness, presented in such a way that the whole audience can participate in the experience.

How Your Subconscious Googles You
The placement of your hands, together or on your face is not random. The subconscious places our hands in a position to increase body sensation and in this fashion make our lives more interesting.

Becoming a Laughter Instrument
The audience was shown how to Google Their Subconscious to activate different muscles for laughter, neck, chest and abdomen. Once you can direct which muscles to use for laughter, you can laugh your body like playing a laughter instrument.


Dancing the Mexican Hat Dance.
Once you realize you can direct which muscles of your body should create laughter, neck, chest, abdomen, you than are able to sing laughter. Here is a great example of the audience being the Laughter Instruments.


Are you a face, head or body person? This skit introduces you to energy observation of people being in their body, being all mental - head people and those who have mostly energy in their face. We also introduce a key to enhancement of intuition, called palming.


Sarah Takagi gives an incredible performance on Energy Sensitivity, Music and how to use your voice. A amazingly insightful talk on masculine and feminine qualities and how music enhances each one of us.

Tom Glannon WOWS Audience
with Poetry Reading
. The laughter and appreciation is overwhelming. Tom does not write poetry, he performs the poetry of other poets. He reads poetry extensively and has an amazing feel for words. He has taken poetry reading to a new level.

Past Life remembered as a Frog
that turns a frog into a Prince. Like any relationship there is bound to be a disagreement on different points of view. The past sometimes remembers us differently. The ending will astound you.

Jon Hindmarsh, has studied Wu Tai Chi with a Tai Chi Master. His specialty is body movement and awareness which he showcases in Energy Theater performances. Jon is also a very talented musician. Currently performing in the band "The Egg Queen."

Linda Clave Transforms Duane Reed with a Singing Bowl.
Duane, the Wizard of Sound, asked the Universe for a new life experience, which Linda Clave provides. At the end the man is transformed into a giving mood.

Stephanie Woods Performs with Singing Bowls.
The calming influence of singing bowls is showcased. After Laughing for over an hour the we wanted to have the audience experience a calming sensations in their bodies.

Sharon Linnea Smith's "Sounding."
The audience just loves it when she performs. Her sounding has taken people's headaches away. She brings an innocence to the performance that is worthy in itself.

The artwork of Linda Clave
is always shown during the Energy Theater performance. Linda has contributed greatly to the energy understanding showcased in Energy Theater.