Linda Clave
Singing Bowl

Linda Clave has been part of the Mind/Body exploration scene in Boston for the past thirty years. She has developed her practice incorporating her artist intuitive abilities with specific techniques to enhance the potential of the people she works with.

Her background includes presidency of the Boston chapter of the American society of Dowsers, trustee for the Theosophical Society in Boston, member of the Alumni board for the Boston University College of Fine Arts, chair for the cutting edge committee for the Boston Visual Artist Union.

Linda has also been a curator for the Art Colloquium in Salem, MA as well as curator for Skipjack's Restaurant in Boston. Linda has taught and continues to teach and lecture on dowsing including the American Society of Dowser's convention in Lyndon College, VT. Linda also finds and brings unusual and timely speakers on subjects to Boston.

Linda has assisted in evolving many of the techniques presented by the Inner Exploration Process, a unique system to develop intuition and spiritual intimacy. Linda lectures about astrology, earth energies, dowsing, and art.

Her artwork represents the vibrational qualities of Energy Theater and will be on display and for sale at the performance place.

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