The Amazing

Mark Berland (the guitar-playing "M")is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer, and artist with a music CD coming out this Christmas. He is also a Spiritual Copunselor, Homeopathist, Asian Medicine Practitioner, Energy Healer, independent medical researcher, and astral-projecting couch potato. You can contact him at

Marty Levin (the drumming "M") is one of the most creative and exciting performing artists in New England. Marty has had the great fortune of performing in a wide variety of shows, and recently helped write and perform in two silent movies. He has trained with some of the best mimes in the world, including Marcel Marceua, and was the Boss Clown of the Tarzan Zerbini Circus. Marty is available for hire as an actor, mime, clown, and story teller. You can contact him at (617) 547-0043.