Sarah Takagi
"Sarah Unleashed"

Sarah feels blessed to have a life in music.

She was given her first lessons in classical piano from the age of 5, and has been blessed with the best teachers and opportunities to play, grow and share her music with others.

Along with her music, she has always felt guided to live her life growing in Spirit.

Two qualities of Spirit has spoken to her.
One being the quality of Healing and the other being the quality of Infinity. In the past few years, she has felt the need to incorporate these qualities into her life in music and led to her producing a CD called "Lavender Bouquet" where she infused the piano and her playing with her Reiki energy.

As to the quality of Infinity, she has slowly begun to "play around" at the piano- -having fun with spontaneous improvisation. She made her most recent debut in improvisation just this past October at the Swedenborg chapel where she created music on the spot guided by the energies of the people, space and the piano.

This is where she met Walter who invited her to try creating music for humor. Sarah is very excited about this opportunity to create more music spontaneously and hope that it will make you laugh!

To find out more about Sarah you can go to her website: